What We Do

What We Do

Source professionals to help our partners achieve goals in functional areas

  • Sales / National Accounts
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Thought leadership
  • AND More….
Serve up Distribution Professionals in two formats

  • Team based - Pod

  • Individual based - A la carte
Implement the personnel on the FLX Platform and provide oversight, allowing for turnkey and flexible solutions that can be flexed up or down.

The FLX Distribution technology platform simultaneously empowers asset managers and distribution professionals to drive results and retain optionality.  Powered by a combination of proprietary developments and a tech stack of leading software providers, we have created a seamless exchange for sharing information and intellectual capital.


This exchange allows asset managers to create and track objectives, while distribution professionals gain access to the information and insights that drive advisor engagement.  We are focused on understanding an asset manager’s existing business plans, current distribution capabilities, historical intermediary experience, investment capabilities and sales and marketing goals to deliver a comprehensive distribution solution. 


  • Access to a curated membership 

  • Assistance with oversight and compliance of registered representatives

  • Access to FLX Distribution Solutions Providers

Management Consulting 

  • Distribution considerations, product development and management, and intermediary segmentation

  • Create customized strategies and solutions for asset managers to better understand and/or access intermediaries


Data and Insights

  • FLX Data Vault

  • FLX Factbook 

  • FLX Insights

FLX Distribution is committed to maximize return on investment by helping managers keep their distribution strategies flexible, focused and cost effective. The FLX platform provides necessary data and transparency, so that the membership identifies optimal ways to partner for win-win solutions in the form of team based packaged or a la carte solutions. A FLX Relationship Specialist is assigned to each asset manager to drive a positive membership experience.